The Problem with…TBRs




To be read. Also known as the pile that will end us all.


Hi guys,

I’ve decided to start a little segment regarding some of the problems faced by readers. This could be cliché story lines, lack of diversity, shelf space and so on. I will discuss these issues and you are all invited to note down your own thoughts in the comments.

Earlier today, I realised that I own a lot of books. I buy them faster than I can read them. And frankly, that’s not something only I face. I know many, many, MANY people who face the same issues. A lot of my friends and I tend to complain about our TBR’s and sometimes go on book buying bans. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t get rid of our TBR pile.


So…I decided to discuss the issue with TBR piles. They are daunting (have you seen the size of them?) not to mention HELLA scary. Seriously. There’s been countless times where I want to unhaul only to realise its hard to let the books go. It might be the book hoarder in me, but its probably due to this desire to read EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. ON. MY. TBR.

But that’s not realistic unless I close myself off from civilisation for a couple years (by that I mean like 3 decades). But with new releases, sequels, review copies and recommendations, its impossible.

TBR’s have us participating in readathons and challenges to lower them. For those of you who can keep up a fast momentum when it comes to reading…congrats, I envy you. For those of you who are like me- reading one to two books in a week, then strap in. There’s no easy way to say this…but we’ll die before our tbr pile disappears.

crying sadness.gif

So, lets count the problem with TBR’s:

  • They are large enough to topple and kill us
  • Can’t read fast enough before buying/receiving new books
  • As book hoarders, we cant get rid of them
  • Causes MAJOR anxiety (for me at least)

Not to mention the fact that I’ll need a billy bookcase or two to fit them *stares at shelves*

This was a impromptu post but I’m open to see what issues you face because of TBR’s. COMMENT BELOW SO WE CAN CRY OVER OUR IMPENDING DOOMS (aka TBRs)


2 thoughts on “The Problem with…TBRs

  1. Tamsien (Babbling Books) says:

    I could write a whole blog post about this topic, I think I would call it ‘A Year Long Book-Buying-Ban OR How I Learned to Love my TBR’. In late 2013, long before I discovered bookstagram and the world of book blogging I had just moved house and noticed just how many unread books I had (when you have to lift them, you start to notice their bulk!). I counted them up and there were around 80. In hindsight that wasn’t too many compared to many bloggers I know, but remember I had never received a review copy and I didn’t know a single person who had more than 2 unread books!! So I made a New Year’s Resolution, in 2014 I will only purchase books specifically for my monthly book club, if I can’t borrow them (Potential total 11 books). I was ruthless, I told friends and family of my decision and had them enforce my rule when I was feeling weak. Luckily some of my book club books were actually already on my TBR, so I think I ended up buying about 6 or 7 books, for the WHOLE YEAR! I also completely crushed my TBR pile. I read 42 books, most of which were from the pile, and I was left with under 50 books.

    What I learnt from the experience:
    – I love bookstores. I missed the freedom of browsing and finding an unexpected story
    – I was holding on to unread books that were never going to be right for me. Some I had purchased over 5 years ago. I collected them up and donated them. Cue sigh of relief.
    – I am a card-carrying mood reader. The biggest struggle was when I had read all the sci-fi (my first love) I felt limited when I was in a sci-fi mood, and often ended up watching a movie instead of reading.
    – Life is short – eat dessert first. It is physically impossible for me, in the lifetime that I have, with the day and hours that I can spend reading, to read every book that people recommend for me, or even that I choose for myself. So I want to focus on reading the books that fit with my mood, while also making sure to take the time to seek out unusual, diverse and out-of-the-ordinary books.
    – It’s ok to DNF – I used to force myself to finish books, but for the same reason as above I had to let myself give up on books that weren’t working for me.

    Ok, so I pretty much did write a blog post, sorry!! But your post really inspired me!


    • deethebookaholic says:

      DON’T APOLOGISE! Your comment has inspired me. It’s true that I can’t possibly read ALL the books so I’ll take note from you and do the same. I’m alose a mood reader…which is why I buy books I’m in the mood for. When I listen to recommendations, it’s because I’m after new fantasy or Sci if books. From 2014 to early 2015, my TBR was around 40 is books. Summer 2015 rolls by, I’m a book blogger so imagine the TBR pile then. I myself wasn’t blessed with the ability to sit and finish countless books per month. I read before bed, or when travelling. I don’t normally read during the day since I find myself too busy. Thank you once again for your comment! It’s amazing to hear what others think. I can’t wait to do more blog posts like these, since it’ll give me the chance to connect with readers like yourself. What’s your bookstagram? I’d love to follow you 🙂


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