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Hi guys,

I realise I took a hiatus and this is mainly due to the fact that I was in a reading slump during July. It doesn’t excuse the fact that I failed to do any reviews but starting this weekend, you will be bombarded with the Pokémon Go tag as well as 2 reviews (so stay tuned!)

As for today’s post, I am on the Things We Know By Heart blog tour. For my part of this tour, I will be highlighting some of my favourite YA love stories. This doesn’t mean that there will be contemporaries in this list. Oh hell no. There will be some fantasy, some retellings and even dystopian…As well as a few contemporary love stories here and there.

For me, I personally enjoy romance in the books I read. But I adore books and series that gradually ease into telling us the story of a couple. From how they met, to how they finally got together. You will soon see some of my favourite love stories and some are quite hilarious and beautiful. Only because in some cases, we have a cyborg with oil all over her face when meeting the future Emperor of an entire Commonwealth. Ah, some good times are ahead, readers. Without further ado, lets list out my favourite couples and their love stories:

  1. Cinder and Kai

Okay, these lovebirds met in the market on a busy day and our protagonist who is a cyborg had oil all over her face when meeting the future Emperor. If you are new here or new to my bookstagram and twitter, then know this: I adore the lunar chronicles. So much so that many of my favourite love stories are in these books. Cinder and Kai gradually fall for each other in book 1…only to have major things happen and for them to be ripped apart. Through out the series, you see both characters grow together and apart and- COULD SOMEONE STAND UP AND SAY GOALS? THANKS. There’s other couples such as Scarlet and Wolf (cuties), Thorne and Cress (who says you need eyes to fall in love?) and Winter and Jacin. But lets not forget about Iko and that Lunar guard Kinney (THEY HAVE A GRAPHIC NOVEL OUT NEXT YEAR AND YES IM VERY EXCITED)


2. Will and Tessa and Jem

The more I think about it, the more I understand why everyone loves this love story. Personally, I live by the rule that “If you truly loved the first, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” In this situation however, there is no way that someone can love Will without loving Jem. They are parabatai (a bond stronger than that with family). This love story literally killed me. I died so many times and I just wanted both Will and Jem happy (Not the biggest fan of Tessa). In the end, I was satisfied that both men were happy (in their own way). Trying not to give any spoilers guys (its so hard).


3. Arin and Kestrel

OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS LOVE STORY. THIS COUPLE. THIS SERIES. Praising Marie Rutkoski for writing such a slow burn romance. No but for real, this love story took so long to happen in book 1. I remember sitting there like “There’s gonna be betrayal, there’s gonna be betrayal” like a mantra of sorts. This couple couldn’t be together and the star crossed elements were E V E R Y T H I N G. It also helps that their relationship starts of as a friendship of sorts and they have M U S I C in common and I appreciate when an author takes the time to write a slow burn romance. So, thank you Marie for that. (Note: I haven’t finished this series but I shall very soon)


4. Shazi and Khalid

I had to mention the epic love story in The Wrath and The Dawn. I mean- it would be a crime if I didn’t. Along with the beautiful, exotic setting and the lyrical writing style, this series features an 1001 nights retelling and there is our main protagonist who spins tales every night to escape death by the hand of her husband. She does finally find out about the truth and the gradual way in which they fall in live was squeal worthy. So, if your a sucker for an incredible setting and even more incredible characters of colour, this book is for you. There’s also a sequel so get to them both. You’re welcome.


5. Emily and Frank Porter

I need me a Frank Porter. Okay, first I need to be less lazy and take one of my siblings to an arcade and conveniently bump into Frank Porter. Then slowly fall in love with him whilst he helps me complete a list of 13 impossible things. But I wouldn’t mind because FRANK PORTER. That guys, is how much I adore Frank Porter. He’s intelligent, sweet and loyal. And hot. But mostly intelligent. I love me some intelligence. I’m sure Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone does too.


6. Colton and Quinn

This blog tour is dedicated to Things We Know By Heart and I obviously had to feature this heart breaking love story. The way Quinn and Colton end up meeting was unique since her situation is different to any other. You see, Quinn seeks out Colton in the hopes of getting some sort of closure. Their love story only blossoms and there’s grief as well as betrayal highlighted in this book. It was beautiful and raw and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



And that’s it! Some of my favourite YA love stories laid bare in front you guys. Comment down any of your favourite love stories 🙂

See you on the other side of the book!


One thought on “YA Love Stories

  1. theheartofabookblogger says:

    I LOVE Shazi & Khalid, Cinder & Kai, and Tessa & Will!! The love triangle between Tessa, Will, and Jem is one of the best love triangles out there. I love Jem, too, but I love Will just a little bit more.

    -Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger


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