A Torch Against The Night Review

Hi guys,

I was lucky enough to receive the chance to review one of my most highly anticipated sequels this year. So first and foremost, thank you so much to Harper Collins.

Before I get into this review, it will no doubt be filled with the squeals of a fangirl, it is the review for the sequel so there may be minor spoilers for the first book. Just a heads up guys.


Sabaa Tahir has done it again. I remember reading An Ember in the Ashes last summer because the plot seemed so intriguing and it was continuously receiving so much praise. When I sat to read AEITA, I had no idea id come to love the setting, the cast of characters and the world to the point where I would count down the months till the sequel came out. Fortuately, I did not have to wait long. Unfortunately, I was petrified when I did receive an ARC because it meant that I could FINALLY read it but it also meant that once I read it, I would suffer a long wait. But guys…Little did I know, that I would come to hold ATATN against my heart whilst battering it (lovingly) because of the pain that came with reading it.

Along with my blogger friends, I sat down in my room and decided to read a couple chapters. WRONG. I finished it in a single sitting and I sat there in my anguish and thus the long wait for book 3 has begun, friends. At least you have the sequel that’s out today and this review that will end up being a mess because I’m still not stable enough to deliver coherent thoughts. I read this book, according to Goodreads on the 8th of August. Its been 4 weeks of waiting. It hurts but now you all get to live through it and hopefully enjoy it as much as me. Now, enough blabbering and lets actually get into the full review.

The plot:

So we pick up around a few moments after the explosion at the end of AEITA and it starts off with Laia and Elias in the tombs trying to escape the Empire. From that moment, I knew this book was going to be action packed and there was never a dull moment. It was such a surprise when I saw the Helene got her own pov and we finally go into her brain and see things in a new light. We follow all 3 characters on their quests and I was astonished at the fact that I was excited to read about each one and the dilemmas they faced together and individually.

The characters:

Because we now get to see Helene as the Blood Shrike, it was obvious that we would meet new characters such as Harper. Sabaa wrote convincing, complex characters who added even more to the story and were essential in more ways than one. Harper was a character I did not immediately take a liking to due to some situations but I have to say by the end, he was definitely a new fave. We also got to meet Mamie Rila and I was so glad because she is the one who moulded the Elias we all know and love. I found the Tribes and familial aspects so moving, especially since there’s  lot of conflict happening in the backdrop. It was refreshing to see such sweet moments.

We also see a different Laia who becomes more confident but also reckless. Yes, she makes mistakes but its humane and I’m excited to see more of her in books 3 and 4 that were recently confirmed. Elias went through so much change in this sequel and even though I cried at some parts of the book, I am thoroughly excited to see him take on a different role in book 3. We also met this very interesting, otherworldly creature called the Soul Catcher. I hope you all love and come to care for her as I do.

AND CAN WE MENTION HELENE IN THIS BOOK? SHE WAS SO BADASS, DESPITE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPNED. SHE’S CERTAINLY A FAVE OF MINE BECAUSE SHE WAS SO DETERMINED AND STRONG AND CLEVER AND SHE NEEDS A HUG OKAY? Actually, she’d kill me if I tried to hug her. In case you don’t know, I was not the biggest fan of Helene in book 1. In book 2 though…

The pacing:

This book had such high stakes from the moment Elias and Laia left the Empire. There were more dangers, more demons and other weird creatures and mysteries being unravelled. If you’re after a fantasy book with a lot to offer, then Sabaa’s books are for you.

My overall feelings: 

Okay, we will be here all day if I talk about all my feelings. You know it and I know it too. So, I’ll just say one more thing. If you enjoy a riveting, beautifully written tale of ancient creatures with fantasy elements and a huge conspiracy and a dash of corrupt leadership (looking at you Marcus), PICK THIS BOOK UP. PICK IT UP AND LOVE IT. Also, let me know how much you cry and scale your feelings from a 1 to HOW IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED? down below.

Thank you once again to the lovely folks at Harper Collins for giving me a chance to review this book and for Sabaa. I hope your US release date was great!

If you happen to live in the US, you are so lucky because today, aka 30th of August, a beautiful sequel came out to the world (technically just to you guys). You can pick it up and read it and fangirl with me and you can also preorder it if you live elsewhere like myself. The UK release date is coming up and I might do a fun post related with this series.
Thank you for reading this hella long review and I hope you enjoy yourselves!

See you on the other side of the book!


YA Love Stories

Hi guys,

I realise I took a hiatus and this is mainly due to the fact that I was in a reading slump during July. It doesn’t excuse the fact that I failed to do any reviews but starting this weekend, you will be bombarded with the Pokémon Go tag as well as 2 reviews (so stay tuned!)

As for today’s post, I am on the Things We Know By Heart blog tour. For my part of this tour, I will be highlighting some of my favourite YA love stories. This doesn’t mean that there will be contemporaries in this list. Oh hell no. There will be some fantasy, some retellings and even dystopian…As well as a few contemporary love stories here and there.

For me, I personally enjoy romance in the books I read. But I adore books and series that gradually ease into telling us the story of a couple. From how they met, to how they finally got together. You will soon see some of my favourite love stories and some are quite hilarious and beautiful. Only because in some cases, we have a cyborg with oil all over her face when meeting the future Emperor of an entire Commonwealth. Ah, some good times are ahead, readers. Without further ado, lets list out my favourite couples and their love stories:

  1. Cinder and Kai

Okay, these lovebirds met in the market on a busy day and our protagonist who is a cyborg had oil all over her face when meeting the future Emperor. If you are new here or new to my bookstagram and twitter, then know this: I adore the lunar chronicles. So much so that many of my favourite love stories are in these books. Cinder and Kai gradually fall for each other in book 1…only to have major things happen and for them to be ripped apart. Through out the series, you see both characters grow together and apart and- COULD SOMEONE STAND UP AND SAY GOALS? THANKS. There’s other couples such as Scarlet and Wolf (cuties), Thorne and Cress (who says you need eyes to fall in love?) and Winter and Jacin. But lets not forget about Iko and that Lunar guard Kinney (THEY HAVE A GRAPHIC NOVEL OUT NEXT YEAR AND YES IM VERY EXCITED)


2. Will and Tessa and Jem

The more I think about it, the more I understand why everyone loves this love story. Personally, I live by the rule that “If you truly loved the first, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” In this situation however, there is no way that someone can love Will without loving Jem. They are parabatai (a bond stronger than that with family). This love story literally killed me. I died so many times and I just wanted both Will and Jem happy (Not the biggest fan of Tessa). In the end, I was satisfied that both men were happy (in their own way). Trying not to give any spoilers guys (its so hard).


3. Arin and Kestrel

OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS LOVE STORY. THIS COUPLE. THIS SERIES. Praising Marie Rutkoski for writing such a slow burn romance. No but for real, this love story took so long to happen in book 1. I remember sitting there like “There’s gonna be betrayal, there’s gonna be betrayal” like a mantra of sorts. This couple couldn’t be together and the star crossed elements were E V E R Y T H I N G. It also helps that their relationship starts of as a friendship of sorts and they have M U S I C in common and I appreciate when an author takes the time to write a slow burn romance. So, thank you Marie for that. (Note: I haven’t finished this series but I shall very soon)


4. Shazi and Khalid

I had to mention the epic love story in The Wrath and The Dawn. I mean- it would be a crime if I didn’t. Along with the beautiful, exotic setting and the lyrical writing style, this series features an 1001 nights retelling and there is our main protagonist who spins tales every night to escape death by the hand of her husband. She does finally find out about the truth and the gradual way in which they fall in live was squeal worthy. So, if your a sucker for an incredible setting and even more incredible characters of colour, this book is for you. There’s also a sequel so get to them both. You’re welcome.


5. Emily and Frank Porter

I need me a Frank Porter. Okay, first I need to be less lazy and take one of my siblings to an arcade and conveniently bump into Frank Porter. Then slowly fall in love with him whilst he helps me complete a list of 13 impossible things. But I wouldn’t mind because FRANK PORTER. That guys, is how much I adore Frank Porter. He’s intelligent, sweet and loyal. And hot. But mostly intelligent. I love me some intelligence. I’m sure Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone does too.


6. Colton and Quinn

This blog tour is dedicated to Things We Know By Heart and I obviously had to feature this heart breaking love story. The way Quinn and Colton end up meeting was unique since her situation is different to any other. You see, Quinn seeks out Colton in the hopes of getting some sort of closure. Their love story only blossoms and there’s grief as well as betrayal highlighted in this book. It was beautiful and raw and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



And that’s it! Some of my favourite YA love stories laid bare in front you guys. Comment down any of your favourite love stories 🙂

See you on the other side of the book!

This or that book tag

Hi guys,

I recently saw this tag over at Danielle’s blog and I thought it looked fun so…I’m here doing it! 😀


  • Mention the creator of the tag who is Ayunda over at Tea and Paperbacks
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you! So, thank you Danielle for tagging moi.
  • Choose one of the options provided and you don’t have to list a reason but feel free.
  • Tag some lovely people to spread the love!


1) Reading on the couch or on the bed?

I almost ALWAYS read on my bed. I either sit, or lie in it.

2) Male main characters or female character?

Wow. Er…Well in YA, there’s a lot of female POV but when a male POV comes up, I love it. I love both.

3) Sweet snacks or salty when reading?

Both! But it depends on my mood.


4) Trilogies or quartets?

I’ve mainly read trilogies so I guess I’m biased in that sense.

5) First person point of view or third person point of view?

First person narrative is easier to follow but you never get a holistic view so third person.

6) Reading at night or in the morning?

I read more at night. Instead of sleeping, I stay up trying to get so much reading under my belt.

7) Libraries or bookstores?

Definitely bookstores because I’m a book hoarder. Also I want to be able to revisit my favourite parts of a book whenever.


8) Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

Okay, who doesn’t want to laugh whilst reading? But I’m such a masochist.


9) Black book covers or white book covers?

How about blue? 😉

10) Character driven or plot driven books?

I love both. How about both?


Okay, I tag:

Bat from Koffee Book

Naz from Enchanted Bookcase

Shazi from The Book Chapter

Ahmed from Bookfume

And anyone else who wants to take part!

See you on the other side of the book!