Review of Illuminae

Hi guys,

So I’ve spent the last 24 hours gripping my copy of Illuminae and I’m proud to say that I enjoyed it to the fullest extent.
Without further ado, here are my thoughts on this book:


It was nothing short of spectacular and consuming. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did BUT CHUM, THIS BOOK DESERVES ALL THE HYPE AND ATTENTION. IF YOU HAVEN’T PICKED IT UP…WHY NOT? FEEL THE PAIN WITH ME AS WE WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL. But more on that later.

The plot:

I’ve never read a book that goes against every law in the world. And it goes against every cliché. I found myself unable to predict what would happen next and I was so teary eyed that I needed constant breaks to ensure I didn’t lose what little grip I had on my sanity. Did. Not. Work. The book is so fast paced and it’s action packed with gore on every few pages. And there was so much chaos and death that I felt as though I was there stuck on a ship with contaminated people out to get me and a mad AI. Like I said, it gets pointers for being original.

The characters:

Ezra and Kady were different and HILARIOUS. There were so many times that I LOL-ed, only to be shut up by the death and loss that comes after. Kady was the brains, with her mad hacking skills and her sheer determination. God, I wanted to be her. I mean, she also dons an awesome pink haircut. Ezra, is the goof. The romantic. He was so damn sweet and he had such a crude sense of humour that I couldn’t help but laugh at all the innuendos made by him and McNulty. Speaking of McNulty, the amount of death in this book had me shaking from the shock. I never thought that it was possible for there to be new tears to replace the old. I could not breathe. There were files with blood splattered on them and reports that shook me to my core that I just…I felt so glad that one, I’m on Earth. Two, there are no weird afflicted folks trying to kill me and shouting “Don’t look at me”. So thank God for that. (I loved all the biblical references and how they were shut down by the AI) There was also Zhang and I just loved him and all his scenes with Kady and just…all I can do is sigh.


That’s right, psycho AIDAN gets his own little snippet of this review. Honestly, this AI creeped me out from the start. I’ve never been one to trust AIs, mainly due to all the movies that feature them taking over the world. This book was a little different. I pitied AIDAN but at the same time…Corpenicus will never be forgotten. Just saying.

The pacing:

So fast paced and before you know it a whole day has passed you by, and you’re sat there thinking…WOW. JUST WOW.

My feelings:

God, how I cried throughout this book. I just sat there sobbing, hyperventilating, in denial, laughing, being paranoid and keeping my friend up with my messages about how everywhere hurts because of the tears and pain. Good times.

Overall, I loved this book. There were many LOL moments and there were also nail biting moments. I was on the verge of snapping and losing my shit before the authors were kind enough to grant me SOME peace of mind. Thanks for that guys. *salutes*

The ending provided some level of closure even though I still have so many questions and just…I really love Kady and Ezra. They are by far the most BADASS characters I’ve ever come across. If you love strong female characters, this book has so many and I aspire to reach that level of awesomeness. I really cannot say more but it’s fast paced and easy to get into after the first few pages. There are no chapters, just files and files that mislead you and give you an insight into everything that’s happening. There is so much foreshadowing but it’s so covert, you don’t even realise it till the end. Just know that this book will stay with you and make you reach for more books like it. Except…there are no other books like it. Great.


Now…with all that said…DON’T LOOK AT ME

That quote scares the shit out of me oh god.

See you on the other side of the page, chums.


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