5 Things I’d Leave For Future Me

Hi! So I am participating in the #ThisIsWhoIAm campaign for Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s novel, The Square Root of Summer, with My Kinda Book. Part of the campaign is to list anything (and everything!) that you would include in your time capsule. Below, I’ve included 5 VERY important things my capsule would contain.

If I could, I’d leave more than 5 things for future me, but a capsule is only so big…

1) Pictures.
Actual, physical pictures of me and my family and mostly ones of me in my prime time (Aka weird funny pictures I took as a baby. There’s this really funny one where there’s a close up of my nostrils and-that’s besides the point).

giphy7TO9XEOE hahahah.gif

Me when I saw my baby pictures


2) Luke the Penguin.
I have this penguin that I’ve become rather attached to. First, he guards my books. Second, he dons all the badges in the world. And third, it’s been a year since I got him and I love him even though he wears a grumpy look all the time. Also, he’s a great hugger for when Jen isn’t around.

giphy penguin

Me and Luke



3) A Hamilton CD.
This shouldn’t be a surprise, especially if you’ve been following me on Instagram and reading every caption up until I burst out into song and dance (who am I lying to? All I do is sing at the top of my lungs).

giphy hamilton.gif

All I can do is try to keep mum whenever any song plays but that never ends well.


4) Lunar Chronicles and my written thoughts at the time of reading them.
That’s right. I want future 20 something year old me to look back and think, “Carswell Thorne is still a hottie.”


Whenever I see Thorne. Or Kai. Or Wolf. Or even Jacin. Basically, all the guys.


5) Arrow and Flash DVD.
I would kill to see if future me is still a DC & Marvel fan. Most likely, yes but I’d want to see if I still die whenever I watch Loki on screen.

giphy loki.gif

How do you not fall in love with this tortured soul?


I really want to know what you’d put in a time capsule for the future you. Let me know if you’d include any that I mentioned or if you’d include say, a cardboard cut out of Chris Pratt (I’m sorry, I watched Jurassic World last night and I’m still not over him)

If you want to check out Harriet’s new book,Β here’s the:

Goodreads page


Harriet’s Instagram

Thanks for reading and till the next post!

PLS. Finally, my copy of The Square root of Summer, which I am reading (and loving!)


Feel free to join in the fun, by tagging what you would include in your capsule, with the hashtag #ThisIsWhoIAm and @MyKindaBook on Twitter πŸ™‚


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