HI! Welcome to Dee’s Library, where there’ll be everything from book recommendations to free ebooks to book reviews and other bookish things! I’m hoping that you’ll stick around and feel free to comment and share! To start things off, here are ten facts about me.

Here goes!
1) I am a bibliophile (well duh!)
2) Chocolate and I are soul mates
3) I procrastinate everything. I even procrastinate sleeping. No joke.
4) Arrow and The Flash are one of my favourite shows.
5) I am of Somali background but I was born in Denmark and I have been residing in the UK for nearly 10 years (did that make sense?)
6) Spring is my favourite season.
7) I am 17 years old and I am an Aries. Might explain why I love spring considering I’m a spring baby.
8) The Lunar Chronicles is a treasure series for me. You need to check it out.
9) My Go-to genres are fantasy and contemporary.
10) I am grateful that there’s Youtube. But not when I have homework.

And that’s it! Comment down below any random facts about you! Feel free to share this with friends and family!

Till next time,


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